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Land League

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Land League
Land League
Land League
Land League

Creation league of superheroes: Land League, inspired by the design of the cartoon Justice League.

Designed for personal creative projects.

The Land League consists of three superheroes who have powers related to climatic effects on the planet earth. Each one has a special gift which uses to preserve the planet Earth.

Elicpse: Has power and atomic energy, which can synthesize any kind of energy. You can fly and disappear.

Sonar: It has powers relating to the control of the winds, tides and storms.

Vertigo: You can predict and control any effect related to terrestrial earthquakes, volcanoes. You can fly and possesses extraordinary strength, provided the contact with the core of the earth. Absorbs any material from rocks, stones which can become part of your body with the material absorbed.

OBS. These characters are registered in the National Library of Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. All rights reserved.

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