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New Projec: Jewerly for a Führer

History em Quadrinhos set ao da 30s Nazism em Blumenau.
New Projec: Jewerly for a Führer

Already on newsstands new work by Alex Guenther. Titled Jewelry for the Führer - Crime, Graphic Novel is a mysterious tale about the urban legend of secret tunnels of the city of Blumenau, acclimated to the climate of Nazism in the 30s. A paper produced for one year, with the script writer Fernando Henrique Silva Becker and Art of Alex Guenther. The magazine presents historical facts mixed with a fictional storyline where two boys, Willy and Gustav, members of the Hitler Youth try to raise funds for the coming of Hitler to Santa Catarina. The magazine has 74 pages in Black and White art in america format 17 x 26 cm. More information: 

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