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Nerd Expo

Nerd Event in Blumenau
Nerd Expo


     For the second consecutive year, the public Nerd, will be happy to give the event more Nerd southern Brazil. The Nerd Expo. The event aims to let the public informed with news from the geek world, and make new friends, play games, participate in podcasts, competitions, quizzes, theme rooms, lectures, concerts and karaoke with the best attractions and special guests. This event is specially made for those who enjoy gaming, comics, literature, RPG, movies, card games, series, anime, manga, cosplay, technology and internet, everything that is nerd! As in previous years, the event is filled with great attractions, with lectures and workshops related to comics, RPG and literature.
Among some of the attractions of the event in the comics world presents itself:
- Lecture on the graphic novel Jewelry for the Fuhrer, with the writer and illustrator Fernando Becker Alex Guenther;
- Lecture on comics and characters, where Alex Guenther talks about his projects with comics and invited José Martins Neto, will talk about character creation ZUK and new tourism projects for Santa Catarina with HQS;
- Comics Workshop with Alex Guenther;
- Workshop script for the comic with Fernando Becker
Special guests of the event:
Raphael Draccon: writer and editor of the book series Dragons of Ether.
Carlos Streets: author of the comic strip "An Any Sunday."
Felipe Massafera: Cover illustrator of comics from Marvel and DC.
J. M. Trevisan: co-author of Storm, writer and translator of Ledd HQ Rolling Stone.
City Gamer: pixelated home of fanatical gamers, the City Gamer blog will be present with Vivacqua, Kodoji and Bill!
M. J. Macedo: illustrator, cartoonist, writer (The Spectacular Life of Death), writer, concept artist and founder of Pixel Snack.
United Federation of Planets: brings together fans of Star Trek and science fiction in general. Come exchange ideas with fellow Trekkers!
Marcelo Muller: Blumenau designer of international renown. Known for HQ Lady Death, now works for Studio Ed Benes.
Structure and event more:
• Three main areas: auditorium, stage and lecture hall
• Unique Achievements system (earn badges for completed tasks);
• Lectures
• Table discussion with podcast recording live
• more than 25 themed rooms (Star Trek, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, RPGs, Board Games, Games, HQ, Old Games, among many others)
• Workshops / workshops
• Quizzes (Games, Star Wars, Fighting Games and Dungeon Quiz)
• Contests and tournaments (Games, Karaoke, Dancing, Magic, Pokemon, Settlers of Catan and several others)
• Cosplay Contest categories with unique and unusual
• Alternative Fashion Contest - only in Nerd Expo
• Drawings for gifts
• Shows with the bands The Kira Justice and Ryokan
Nerd Expo will take place:
Date: 09 e 10 March 2013
Time: from 10h to 20h
City: Blumenau / SC
Location: Campus of I Uniasselvi
Tickets: site, shops and Blu Mania Game Comics.
Event Links:
Please confirm your presence:
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