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Matter of Official Santa Catarina - HQ A different tomorrow

Comic album for homosexual
Matter of Official Santa Catarina - HQ A different tomorrow

Reporting from Santa Catarina Journal of 16 October 2012 on the comic book: A different tomorrow Alex Guenther. The story of 6 pages will be published in an album produced by Publisher Brand unheard of Fantasia.

Below the report produced:

The traces in black and white of Alex Guenther, illustrator here in Blumenau, now also serve the fight against prejudice toward homosexuals. Is that the designer was selected to participate in a thematic collection of publisher Mark of Fantasy. Among the 15 selected for the project, Alex contributes to the story A Different Tomorrow, a plot between a girl and her involvement with the trainer. The illustrator notes that recent publications such as Marvel and DC Comics, made ​​room for the homosexual universe and thus the fantastic stories end approaching reality and not ignore social phenomena. Written and drawn by Alex, the comic can be viewed on the website 


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